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"Who Shot StrawberryClock? part 2" coming out for Clock Day '07

2007-07-18 06:57:35 by CrustClock

Clock Day 2007 (August the 15th) is less than a month away!

I originally hoped that this Clock Day I could have submitted the third part of the series rather than the second. I can, however, safely say that part 2 (of 3) of the Who Shot StrawberryClock? series will be ready for the 15th, with just two scenes left to animate. The film follows StrawberryClock's recovery in hospital and Detective Blackberry and AvacadoClock's investigation to find the gunman.

Good luck to everyone with their Clock Day submissions!


- Crust

"Who Shot StrawberryClock? part 2" coming out for Clock Day '07


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2007-07-18 08:25:59

Nice screenies, man. Looks like it'll be a really good movie.


2007-07-23 16:44:26

What!? There WILL be a sequel to "Who Shot StrawberryClock!?!?" W-Wow...!! I...I thought "Who Shot StrawberryClock 2" would NEVER be made!! Anyway, I have an idea for a funny ending. In the end, StrawberryClock wakes up in hospital bed and notices TurdClock by his side.

"Master!? Y...You're alive!?"

Suddenly, he lively jumps out of bed and whacks him.

"STFU you gay piece of poop!! You homosexual turd who likes to read millions of gay porno magazines. You should know better than to look at me with a gay face."

"B-But Master...!? How the hell did I wear a ga--"

"STFU!!! You are GAY!! GAY GAY GAY!! And no one can deny it."

TurdClock gets pissed, but tries not to show it.

"I'm sorry, my king."

"STFU. Now, GTFO of here and don't come back until you've cooked my budgies!!"

He gives his helpless servant a great kick in the ass out of the hospital.

"There...Now I can go to sleep..."

He slowly tucks up in hospital bed, and puts an armtube back in his arm.

So, what do you think of my ending? I do hope it gets put in!!

CrustClock responds:

Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm! I appreciate the ending a lot, it's very good, but I unfortunately already have one written, thanks none the less :)


2007-07-31 12:16:20

Who shot Strawberry was great I hope the second part will be just as good.


2007-08-02 08:04:53

I want the whole movie now! I waited a whole year for this, staring at the screen, refreshing the portal occasionally. Those screenshots are really sexy, but I feel the need for an ending to the story.

CrustClock responds:

Sorry about that. I do have on one, promise.


2007-08-10 14:51:15

I beat it was that dickhead ki1o.


2007-08-11 23:35:46

i know who shot him!!!


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